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For the plan year effective 01/01/2018 Mutual of Omaha has been chosen as
the provider for our group disability program. This program includes a Short
Term Disability program as well as Long Term Disability coverage. The plan offers
a source of income to protect you and your family in the event you become

​Some of the Short Term Disability Program Highlights include;

Group Disability

Plan Details and Rates​

Click "Here" to access the 2018 Group Benefits Guide. On pages # 11 to # 13 you will find the details on the voluntary group disability plan's you may enroll in. On page # 22-23 you will find the monthly rates. You will also find a plan certificate and plan summary in the "Forms Library" page for further details.


Enrollment in the group voluntary disability program is not automatic and you
​will need to enroll within 30 days after your hire date. Or during the annual open enrollment period which will take place in the latter part of the 4th quarter every year with a January 1st effective date. The Short Term Disability requires no underwriting and is Guaranteed Issue. The Long Term Disability plan is only Guaranteed Issue at initial new hire enrollment. Notices for annual open enrollment will be distributed early to give you time to enroll. Enrollment forms are located in the "Forms Library" for your convenience.


Need to file a claim? In the "Forms Library" you will find a claim kit for the
group disability ( Short Term or Long Term ) program. Our Broker Support Team can assist you in completing this and help in getting the process expedited along
as quickly as possible.


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Contact Sumter County Board of Education
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  • Guaranteed Issue Enrollment ( No Health Questions )
  • Benefits begin on the 1st day of a disabling injury or the 8th day of a disabling illness.
  • High Standard Plan Maximum for employees up to $1,000.00 weekly or 60% of your before-tax weekly earnings.
  • Benefit pay up to 13 weeks.
  • Plan includes a Partial Disability coverage benefit.


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Some of the Long Term Disability Program Highlights include;

  • Guaranteed Issue Enrollment ( No Health Questions )
  • If you become disabled prior to age 62, benefits are payable to age 65 or your Social Security Retirement Age. At age 62 + older, the benefit
    ​period will be based on a reduced duration schedule.

  • High Standard Plan Maximum for employees up to $6,000.00 monthly
    ​or 60% of your before-tax monthly earnings.

  • ​Plan includes a Partial Disability coverage benefit.

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